Chemiservice Srl is spread over 1,000 square meters of surface equipped with all the necessary instruments for performing chemical and microbiological testing of various food and non-food matrices.

The three laboratory departments (chemical, environmental and microbiological) are equipped with:

Basic instrumentation:

  • Hydrometers, refractometers, technichal and analytical scales, vacuum- and steam distillers, microwave mineralyzers, centrifuges, viscometers, high-pressure extractors, homogenizers, pHmeters, conductivity meters, smoke-point, TOC, Karl Fisher, stoves, mills, muffle furnaces, Rancimat.

Advanced instrumentation:

  • Spectrophotometers in IR (NIR) and in visible-UV (UV/Vis), spectrometer FT-IR, gas cromatographs with different injection systems (Static head space, on column, split/splitless, P&T, HS/SPME) and detectors: GC/FID, GC/ECD, GC/MS, GC/MS (QQQ), high-performance liquid cromatographs with UV detection, fluorimetric detection, refractive index and triple quadrupole mass spectrometrics (HPLC/DAD, HPLC/FL, HPLC/MS (QQQ)), ionic cromatographs (IC) with conductivity- and pulsed-amperometry detection, atomic absorbtion spectrometer and (AAS) and inductively-coupled-plasma mass spectrometer(ICP/MS).

In particular, considering microbiological tests, the department has the following equipment:

  • Homogeneizers, agitator mixers, incubators, autoclave, microscopes.

Molecular biology laboratory:

  • PCR/real time and immuno-chemical techniques (ELISA).

The numerous international certifications, the exceptional high standards required by the Quality certification and the degree of customer satisfaction are the engine that drives our laboratory to increasingly engage in technological innovation, invest in new machineries, in continuous technical staff training, invest in research and development, define new analytical methods and ensure reliable results in set times.

Our acknowledgements