How Chemiservice was founded

40 years of excellence, innovation, impartiality

Chemiservice is a private and independent chemical and microbiological analysis laboratory, founded by Dr. Giorgio Cardone in 1980 specialising in chemical, microbiological and biochemical testing in the food, environmental, industrial and cosmetic sectors.
Thanks to the experience gained and a consolidated corporate organisation, Chemiservice offers multiple services to support small and large agricultural and industrial companies. Since 1999 Chemiservice has been ACCREDIA accredited as a chemical analysis laboratory that operates in compliance with ISO/IEC 17025

Our business

Chemiservice - chemical, environmental and microbiological analysis laboratory - works with technologically advanced analytical equipment that offers impartial and extremely precise results according to national, EU, and international standards (AOAC, AOCS, ASTM, EN, EPA, FDA, ISO, NIOSH , UNI, APAT-IRSA), as confirmed by the continuous participation in interlaboratory circuits organised by recognised and official companies, universities and research centres.
Chemiservice is considered the chemical, environmental and microbiological analysis laboratory  of reference for important companies in the food supply chain and large-scale retail trade.

The Chemiservice mission

Quality, independence and reliability

Chemiservice aims to spread the culture of Quality in companies, as a measurable objective data and as a product value.
We aspire to be the scientific, independent and neutral partner of agricultural, industrial and commercial companies, able to control and improve the quality of production and processes, to increase their competitiveness in the implementation of current regulations.
To provide reliable results, in application of the most widespread national and international standards, we provide advanced equipment, an excellent technical team, transparency and service impartiality, ensuring quick solutions to complex problems

Our acknowledgements